Prostitute from Kankainen - wot at 15a matchmaking

Prostitute from Kankainen - wot at 15a matchmaking

Many Baddies are Griefers who deliberately hinder their own team, but most just really are that te If a player has black stats in XVM, they're almost certainly a griefer.

The community is absolutely rif e with these. The Loltraktor later had a big brother: the Tier X German tank destroyer Waffentrager auf E-100, a surprisingly agile 2,000-hp behemoth with a laser-accurate autoloading.8cm naval gun, rapidly became known as the "Waffletraktor WTF mostly poking at it's general size and devastating gun. Personality-wise can range from helpful to being arrogant and stuck-up jerkasses. The French Renault UE 57 tank destroyer has rapidly acquired nicknames based on its diminutive size, which is smaller than hook up in Leines - download married without dating sub indo the turrets on many high-tier vehicles.

For a single player to influence his team's chances that negatively requires things like team sex in Sveio - best dating sites in cornwall killing unicums or sex dating in Astorp - mindfulness dating website (more commonly since excessive team damage can result in an auto-ban) things like blocking natdejting in Bogen - just started dating girl birthday friendly players' shots by driving in front of them or pushing them out. Even if a the TOG gets destroyed, its 80-ton weight means that no tank within its matchmaking spread is capable of pushing it out of the way.

Comprehensive Best Tank for Mission List - Metagame Discussion

Though often the cause of "AFK" is that the player's internet connection dropped or the game client crashed, in which case they're frantically trying to load sex chat in Ylojarvi town - online dating hr back in before the battle ends. Also coined as the Japanese KV-2 (or "Emperor of Derp "Derpzilla etc due to being able to equip a 152mm Derp gun milf dating in Oskarstrom - trade matchmaking comparable to that of the infamous KV-2. The BDR G1 B (and to a lesser extent the ARL V39) is sometimes known as the "Steel Potato" due to the shape of the hull when viewed from the side.

A page for describing FanNickname: World of Tanks. Oh and it has no armor whatsoever on the back of a turret so a tier 1 light tank can kill it). Within 24 hours of being released, the. The Sturmpanzer II SPG and the French S35 CA Tank Destroyer gets called "Bathtub with their silhouettes and large open-topped fighting compartments.

Patch.20 in 2017 removed the beloved Trollcannon from the ISU-152 and replaced it with the D-4S, another 152mm gun with the same alpha but slightly lower penetration. When Wargaming announced their plans to remove preferential matchmaking (ie only being able to face at most 1 tier higher rather than the usual plus/minus 2 tiers for other tanks' matchmaking) from those premium tanks that currently have it (along with buffing the tanks. Players quickly dubbed it the "Bart to differentiate it from the non-premium BT-7 on which it is based.

Urban Dictionary: Waffle tractor

Pubs/pubbies : An often derisive term referring to the sex chat in Aikkila - dating intervention run-of-the-mill player populating public matches, who never participate in tank companies or clan wars. The Japanese Tier-6 Chi-To: it's dangerously cheesy.

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And impenetrable frontal armor combined with a 155mm cannon (the same caliber as the BL-10). Another one is "AFK Panther because they're so dreadful you'd rather have an AFK player! These players have done their homework on tank traits, weaknesses, and map tactics, but still lack the preternatural situational awareness of many of the so-called unicum (see below). It also sometimes gets called the 'Frying Pan' because of its sex chat in Forslov - online dating email first contact round turret and long gun barrel looking like an upside-down pan. The Jagdpanzer E-100 " Kaiju Jaegeru " Jaegeru" for short) and FV215b(183) " Death Star " tank destroyers have earned their nicknames by their ability to instantly wreck any tank that is foolish enough to face them head-on. Seal Clubbers/Pedobears : Veteran players who use free adult dating Hjelledalen - oxbridge dating website a highly-trained crew (usually at 100 and more than three skills or perks per crewmember put them in a lower-tiered tank (tiers 5 free adult dating Akersberga - bangkay ng dating eb babe and below and use said tank and crew combinations to wreak havoc on the unskilled.

World of Tanks / Fan Nickname - TV Tropes

The former is also often called "The prostitute from Sollentuna - what to say to a girl you like on a dating site Portajohn" in China for same reason. While not as common, another nickname that can crop up from time to time is "Boom Box".

By H4ck3r January 08, 2015. Most players who've actually tried playing artillery would argue otherwise.

On the US servers, the E-25 is sometimes call the "Ninja Turtle", due in part because of it's insanely small profilenote The real-life design sketch for the E-25 already called for a low-profile t Wargaming made an error in modeling the tank that left. The SU-14-2 SPG is probably better known to most players as the school)bus" or the "Finger of God" than by its actual designation. The recent Steam release of Valkyria Chronicles has made the name more popular, as has the introduction (on the Asia server only) of actual Valkyria Chronicles premium tanks into the game. "Derp Wagon" is also sometimes used because of its top gun,.5cm low velocity cannon. The highly sloped armor of the Russian Object 704 Tier 9 tank destroyer makes it look like the most recent incarnation of the " Batmobile ". Some players refer to the Durchbruchswagen 2 as the Douche-bag wagon or the shorter name "Douchewagon mainly because they are unable to pronounce Durchbruchswagen correctly and because even when fully upgraded it has pathetic performance. The KV-4 is sometimes called the KV-4tress due to having thick all-around armor, making it tough to penetrate when properly angled.

Get a Waffle tractor mug for your guy Rihanna. (Since at least the AFK player only gives a free kill if the enemy makes it into your spawn area, while an Auf Panther will drive toward the front line. The "Tumor" nickname has since become a general term for any prostitute from Sollentuna - what to say to a girl you like on a dating site massive cupolas acting as a weakpoint on an otherwise heavily-armored tank.

The E-25 tier 7 premium TD is called "Hedgehog" on Russian servers. One-Hit Kill of even full-health tanks. Another notorious 152mm gun is the BL-10 gun on the Tier viii ISU-152 and Tier IX Object 704, nicknamed the "Trollcannon" by The Mighty Jingles on. Case in Point: This replay compilation.

Forget global warming - it's Cycle 25 we need to worry

Within hours of being announced as going into supertest, the proposed Object 726 Tier X Soviet heavy tank (later renamed Object 279E) was widely dubbed the "Blyatmobile because its unique appearance (with odd hull sides that angle slightly outward and upward at the top edge.

Twitch Whore (plz watch Trobs; Purple Poaster; 670; 2,106 posts; Server. The German-influenced design of the AMX M4(1945) has lead to some players dubbing it "the Green Tiger" or "the French Tiger" for its strong resemblance to the German Tiger. Since it's pretty much just a nerfed Trollcannon, it's the "Baby Trollcannon" or "Trollcannon." The premium Type 59 medium tank has been nicknamed the "Walmart Tank." Because, you know, it's made in China. Some NA players call it the "Rhoomba" due to its low profile.

The Russian 100mm D10T gun for the IS heavy tank is sometimes hook up in Omberg - dating agency in nikolaev referred to as the "idiot gun" (spelled as 1D10T as it's more geared for a medium tank-type play style compared to the heavier cannon that most IS tank users prefer: The 122 D-25T. Has arguably ascended as a part of the Fanart #32 post from Wargaming. The TOG II* is given the name "Landship "Banana "Whale and other such terms due to it's size (It's the longest tank in the game). The Scorpion is an American tier 7 premium tank destroyer, usually called a "Scorp" or "Scorpy but due to its rather good gun and total lack of armor it's also sometimes called the Glass Cannon. The VK4502 Ausf. The Tier viii American Chrysler K is known as the SirFoch special, after the massive shit storm it started. Many jokes involve suggesting the TOG be removed from World of Tanks and migrated to World of Warships. The O-I Tier-6 Japanese Heavy is known as "Big Momma" (as coined by, big Name Fan, quickyBaby) thanks to it's huge size and symmetrical forward mini-turrets which makes the KV-5 jealous.

Ht tp en/wot/missions Upvote 1 Monkey reacted to this. Other tanks that employ spaced armor sometimes claim to have riot shields, but only the Super Pershing is always regarded as having such in its armor profile. Unfettered by traditional TD limitations such as traverse, health pool, or view range, the WT E-100 is more self-sufficient than almost any other tier X TD in the game. Tanks that (regardless of whether they're classed as a Heavy or a Medium Tank in-game) straddle the line between the two in terms of gameplay are referred to as "Heavy Mediums".

Multiple players of this type on a team can often tip the battle in its favor, but they're not invincible, and a really bad prostitute from Kankainen - wot at 15a matchmaking team (multiple reds) will drag down even the best unicum. The Japanese heavy tanks, released in patch.10, have been nicknamed ". Even whores from Akaa - speed dating skits before its official release, the Czechoslovakian Kolohousenka tier 1 light tank was the butt of more than a couple jokes that earned it the unflattering nickname of "boobtank." This is due to the pair of symmetrical, rounded projections set high on its hull.


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